Greek Cypriots stalled talks out of greed: Olgun

Newly appointed Turkish Cypriot negotiator Mustafa Ergun Olgun has said that the Turkish Cypriots are determined to continue with the negotiation process and seek a positive and sustainable result, Ankara Anatolia news agency reports.

Stating that their aim is a win-win result for both sides, Olgun told the agency that the suspension of negotiations “was taken to be a blocking manoeuvre by the Greek side, reminding them that the island’s natural resources belong to both parties”.

Olgun added that the main reason for the suspension of the talks by the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades was “to protect the unfairly captured status quo by the Greeks in Cyprus and to continue their claim of being the unique owner of the island”.

Also touching on the issue of natural resources on the island, he said that a well-led discovery of resources could be a strong gain for both sides but also a “Curse if mismanaged. Why cursed? Showing no respect for the rights of shareholders, selfishness and being unfair in their division are the main reasons for such a curse,” he concluded.

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