Greek Cypriots think that presidential elections hindering talks

According to a poll conducted on behalf of Greek Cypriot daily ‘Simerini’, 81% of Greek Cypriots believe that the Cyprus problem cannot be resolved before the presidential elections in South Cyprus in 2018.

‘Simerini’ published the results of a survey conducted by Nicosia University/IMR on behalf of the newspaper with the participation of 500 people between June 6-7.

Other questions were as follows:

Are we closer to resolving the Cyprus problem compared to the last referendum?

No – 74%, Yes – 23%, Don’t know – 3%

Do you believe the current plan will be better or worse than the Annan Plan?

Worse – 57%, Better – 36%, Don’t know – 7%

How do you evaluate the New York talks?

Failure – 52%, Success – 41%, Don’t know – 7%

Did you expect President Anastasiades to approve of a 2nd Conference in Geneva?

Yes – 69%, No – 28%, Don’t know – 3%

Will the Geneva conference be decisive on the chapter on security and guarantees?

No – 76%, Yes – 22%, Don’’t know – 2%

Simerini reported that respondents had very little trust Anastasiades and that 30% of the respondents said they had “little confidence” in him and 26% said they had “never trusted” him. Of the remainder, 16% said they were “very confident” in him and 28 % said “confident”.

Asked if they were confident in UN Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide’s ability to mediate.

No – 71%, Yes – 26%, Don‘t know – 3%

On the question of how the personal influence of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will affect the negotiations, 51% replied that “things will not change”, 42% said that he will “have a positive impact” and 7% did not respond.

Kibris Postasi

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