Immovable Property Commission may face legal challenge from South

It has been announced that the Greek Cypriots will be setting up a cross party commission to see how they can address the issue of the legality of the TRNC created Immovable Property Commission (IPC).

They have tried to put forward a number of landmark cases to the European Court of Human Rights in an attempt to get compensation claims against Turkey. However the Court has ruled that the IPC is a legal entity and it will not look at any cases unless they are initially processed by the IPC.

These recent rulings, along with more than 70 successful conclusions for compensation for Greek Cypriot land in the North, have created a major dent in the politics of the South.

They are now looking into ways to avoid further applications going to the IPC, particularly given the very weak economy in the South.

When the South Cyprus President’s spokesman Christos Stylianidis was specifically asked if this was a message for Greek Cypriots to avoid applying to the IPC, he replied, “The answer is obvious and very clear.”

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