Greek Cypriots view Cyprob solution as a way out: Talat

Leader of the CTP and former President Mehmet Ali Talat has attended a conference in Brussels titled ‘The latest stage reached in the Cyprus negotiations and Turkish Cypriot business world’s integration with the EU after a possible solution.’

Addressing the conference which was organised by the Turkish Cypriot Businessmen’s Council, Talat touched upon the latest stage in the talks and the path which needed to be followed in the period ahead.

Emphasising the need to launch an initiative for Turkish to become an official language of the European Union, he said if Turkish becomes a European language, then the acquis communautaire could be translated into Turkish, thus making it easier to be understood.

He said that the Turkish Cypriot side is insisting on the inclusion of various derogations in the negotiations and making these arrangements EU primary law, Talat said: “For example we should ensure that Greek Cypriots who will live in the North, once a settlement is reached, can exercise their rights in the South. We can only talk about political equality if this is achieved. Otherwise political equality would not exist and this would bring the end of the Turkish Cypriot State.”

Noting that the real problem on the Cyprus issue had resulted from disagreement on the issue of Governance and Power Sharing in the past, he said that problems experienced on the property issue today derived from this disagreement.

However, he noted that to a large extent, convergences on the property issue had been reached .

Stressing that these convergences have increased hopes for a solution, Talat said, “More importantly the Greek Cypriots are not as prejudiced as they were in the past and now see a solution as a way out.”

The greatest cause of concern for the Greek Cypriots was the chapter on Security and Guarantees and although the issue of territory is a painful one, its solution is not that difficult, he said.


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