Greek Cypriots want return of Karpaz and Ercan

President Dervis Eroglu reiterated that the Turkish Cypriot side is in favour of continuing the Cyprus negotiations, but he emphasised that “it is not without alternatives“, ‘Star Kibris’ reports.

Addressing a reception celebrating the 39th anniversary of the establishment of the National Unity Party (UBP), Eroglu criticised President Anastasiades’ decision to suspend his participation in the negotiations and argued that President Anastasiades should change this decision.

Replying to those who wonder what the Turkish warships are doing in [South] Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Eroglu said that they have the authority and that they had warned that if the Greek Cypriot side carried out seismic explorations in that area they would take steps too.

Referring to the issue of the territory, Eroglu revealed that the Greek Cypriots had asked for the return of the whole of the Karpaz peninsula, from Koma tou Yialou/Kumyali village, to Leonarisso/Ziyamet and the surrounding villages as well as the villages of Eptakomi/Yedikonuk, Engomi/Tuzla, Limnia/Mormenekşe, Tymbou/Ercan, Kythrea/ Değirmenlik, Neo Chorio/Minareliköy and the surrounding military zone.

He also said that the Greek Cypriots consider Morfou/Guzelyurt area as “being their own” and ask that the Greek Cypriots who will return to their property under Turkish Cypriot administration to have the first say as regards their property. “If a Greek Cypriot lives in the house of a Turkish Cypriot who wants to return, [the house] will be leased to the Greek Cypriot for ten years and in the end of this period, he [the Turkish Cypriot] will take the ownership of the house”, meaning that “in other words, it could not be said that the property belongs to the Turkish Cypriot”.

Noting that according to the demands of the Greek Cypriots, the President of the Republic will always be a Greek Cypriot and the Vice President Turkish Cypriot and that both will be elected together. He added: “In other words, this will be the choice of the Greek Cypriots, not the Turkish Cypriots. The army will leave. If an agreement is reached in the negotiations, those who come from Turkey will not be able to vote. This is what I can say for the moment. I cannot speak more openly. Behold, this is the game that exists”, he concluded.

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