Greek FM accuses Eide of lying

The Greek Foreign Minister Nicos Kotzias has accused the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advisor Espen Barth Eide of lying.

In an interview published yesterday in ‘Phileleftheros’ newspaper, Kotzias said that the Greek Cypriot side had made a mistake by allowing Eide to lead the Cyprus talks to a phase for which the UN official was not prepared.

The Greek Foreign Minister was also accused of secretly meeting with various businessmen who had ties with international organisations.

Kotzias felt the breaking point between the UNSG and Turkey during the talks came when Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu admitted that Turkey wanted to maintain its unilateral intervention rights on the island and be able to intervene whenever it saw fit. Turkey wanted to legalise its so-called occupation and, if possible, extend it to the whole of the island, he told the paper.

Kotzias continued by saying that strong circles in Turkey truly desired a settlement but pointed to the need for encouraging those circles towards that direction.

Asked about criticisms directed by various circles that both the Greek Cypriot side and Greece did not do enough or the right things for a settlement, Kotzias said that the majority of the Greek people supported their stance in the talks.

Responding to another question, the Greek Foreign Minister said that an agreement was needed to be reached by all the parties concerned regarding what kind of a state Cyprus should become.

He expressed the view that Cyprus should become a sovereign, independent and normal state without any guarantees.


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