Grieving mothers blame government for daughters’ deaths

The government needs to change the laws and fix the roads,” said the grieving mother of 17 year old Ilayda Yeliz Ozturk, who was one of the students who died in a road traffic accident on the Değirmenlik – Kyrenia mountain road last Tuesday morning.

Speaking to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen, Ilayda’s mother said that her daughter had wanted to become a doctor.

Sude Demirkiran, the other schoolgirl to have died in the accident, was only 12. The mothers said that while government officials are walking around without a care in the world, they have to bury their daughters.

The two grieving mothers are blaming the coalition and their failure to implement better road safety for their children’s deaths.

Sude’s mother who is divorced, said that normally, her daughter would spend the week at her father’s house so she would not have to travel on the mountain road which is in poor condition. However, because Sude had finished her exams, she had stayed with her mother. She left home at 6.30am  last Tuesday morning and at 8.00am her mother was told about the fatal accident.

Both mothers condemned the rules and regulations concerning traffic in the north and believe that nothing will be done to change them. “People will still continue to use those roads as they have no other choice”.

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