Guarantees essential for Turkish Cypriots: Ozgurgun

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun was interviewed at Ercan airport after his trip to Turkey. He returned with his accompanying delegation on Wednesday evening.

Evaluating his contacts in Turkey, Ozgurgun said, inter alia, that he had held constructive and important meetings with Turkish officials and discussed issues related to the economy, tourism, agriculture and finance.

He added that they had reached an agreement on the irrigation project to be implemented in Guzelyurt within the framework of the water transfer project.

Ozgurgun also noted that measures will be undertaken in order to tackle the potential negative effects on the education and tourism sectors in the TRNC, after the military coup attempt in Turkey. He said that within this framework, preparations are being made to launch new low-cost flights to the TRNC.

Additionally, Ozgurgun, in other statements to TRT news, stated, inter alia, that measures have been taken, both at the ports and airport, against the FETO organisation.

Recalling that the TRNC has included the FETO organization in its “list of terrorist organisations“, Ozgurgun added that there have been no indications so far, that FETO has any links with the TRNC. He also noted that he is fully consulting and cooperating with the Turkish authorities and intelligence regarding this issue.

Referring to the ongoing Cyprus negotiation talks, Ozgurgun emphasised that they will not accept any solution that will not include Turkey’s effective and active guarantees in Cyprus.

Referring to the natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean, Ozgurgun pointed out that transferring Israeli natural gas to Turkey via the TRNC will contribute economically to both countries.

Commenting on the issue of the opening of Aplic and Derynia crossing points, Ozgurgun stated that the simultaneous opening of these crossings is very important.


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