Gülen organisation FETO added to list of terrorists: Ozgurgun

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun has announced that after a three hour meeting of the Council of Ministers, terrorist organisation (FETO)/Parallel State Structure (PDY) was included in the list of terrorist organisations. He added that the decision will be published in the official gazette of the TRNC.

Asked whether Turkey will provide them any assistance towards purging the FETO organisation, Ozgurgun said that he will discuss this issue at a meeting in Ankara.

Asked if there was any information on FETO’s activities in Cyprus, Ozgurgun replied as follows: “I cannot say that we have information, but there is some speculation. We do not have any official or concrete information at present, thus we cannot intervene”. He added that both the Security Force Command and the police have taken all necessary measures in order to confront and prevent any problems.

Referring to the case of the Turkish Cypriot military cadets who remain in custody, he said that the Foreign Ministry has taken some steps and that they will wait for the results of the investigation’s result and the court’s verdict.

Yeni Duzen

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