Gürcafer Hits Out At Ercan Airport Boss

North Cyprus News - Cafer Gurcafer - President of TRNC Constructors Union
[Cafer Gürcafer – President of TRNC Constructors Union]
Friday, 24 March 2023

Head of the Cyprus Turkish Building Contractors Association (KTİMB) Cafer Gürcafer has continued to criticise Emrullah Turanli, who is the owner of Ercan Airport and was granted the contract to build a new terminal in 2015, Kibris Postasi reports.

The new terminal has finally been completed following many delays, but cannot operate because it is still waiting for an Instrumental Landing System (ILS) and transformers to arrive from Turkey.

Yesterday, it was reported that the High Court cancelled Turnali’s contract.

Gucafer said; “According to the research we have done and the information we have obtained, Turanlı continued the construction of the airport by using some of the money he earned from the airport. My grandmother makes such an investment too!

“The specification for the tender of the airport clearly states when it will start, when it will be concluded and by whom. It has also been confirmed by the court decision that he did not comply with these and that he acted on his own, disregarding the law in Cyprus.

Turkish Cypriots and non-governmental organisations know very well how to respect all foreign investors who invest in this country, which is beneficial for the country, respecting the law of this country, respecting the people of this country. Look around and he will see many exemplary businesses.

“Since the day he started investing, his name has been mentioned regarding constant delay, constant breach of contract, constantly not paying his taxes, and constantly asking for tax exemption of hundreds of millions of TL.

“If the conditions created by Turanlı as a result of his violations had been in the specification at the beginning of the work, many enterprises would have applied for this tender”.

Gurcafer went on to say that Turanli should declare how much profit he made from Ercan Airport and where he spent it.

Kibris Postasi

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