Guterres Releases Final Report on Cyprus Talks

The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has announced his intention to send a senior UN official to the United Nations.

He also encourages the parties to recognise the importance of this exercise.

The UN Chief’s announcement came in his final report on a solution to Cyprus that was circulated late on Friday as an official document.

In his report, Guterres says that the United Nations will continue to hold in-depth consultations with the parties to achieve the resolution of the Cyprus issue.

The UNSG says: “I believe there is still scope for the sides to act responsibly and decisively in order to chart a common way forward for the island.

In the coming period, I intend to send a senior United Nations official to conduct in-depth consultations with the parties. The consultations will provide a more formal, structured, and detailed channel for the parties to convey to the United Nations. I encourage the parties to recognize the importance of this exercise and to seize the opportunity accordingly.

The United Nations Secretary-General is arguing that the natural resources surrounding the island should be used for the benefit of both sides.


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