Guzelyurt should come under GC jurisdiction: Anastasiades

Morphou (Guzelyurt) should be among the areas under the Greek Cypriot constituent state in a Cyprus settlement, President Nicos Anastasiades has said.

Speaking during a protest rally organised by Morphou municipality and community groups held at the cultural centre in Astromeritis in the Nicosia district on Sunday, Anastasiades also reassured the Turkish Cypriots that necessary assistance will be given to those who will have to be relocated.

Appropriate accommodation will be given to those Turkish Cypriots who vacate homes belonging to Greek Cypriots, Anastasiades said.

He reiterated that the solution currently being sought will be a win-win situation.

Anastasiades also welcomed Ankara’s positive tone, noting however that Turkey must show a positive stance at the negotiating table. Especially with regard to chapters where it has a decisive role to play, such as the withdrawal of its military troops from the island as well as guarantees.

President Anastasiades said the chapter on territory, which will now be discussed at the talks, and the chapter concerning security and guarantees will determine the success or failure of the peace talks

He gave assurances that Turkish Cypriots who will have to vacate homes belonging to Greek Cypriots will be given appropriate accommodation.

Cyprus Mail

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