H4C educational activities for autumn and winter

Home for Cooperation continues to bring people together on the island through various artistic and educational activities in Autumn-Winter 2015.

For adults and youth, the Turkish, Greek and English language courses –for almost all levels –will continue in interactive methods with professional instructors, as along with workshops on djembe, salsa, yoga and photography. Newly at the H4C, there will be also workshops for Pithkiavli/ Kaval/ Shepherd’s pipe, Zumba, Film, Tai Chi and a fine arts workshop for sculpture, monotype and printing. All these workshops will start on Monday, 14th September.

Different from the last period’s workshops for children, the H4C offers three interesting as well as educational and creative workshops every Saturday which will be led by both Greek and Turkish speaking instructors who are masters of their domain. In this way, children will be able to fully participate in the activities and they will have opportunity to develop themselves in a multi-communal environment. In Artsy Fartsy, children will have chance to freely express their imagination with free art forms. In School-outzi, children will have the opportunity to nurture their inquisitiveness about nature. In Word’s Factory, they will develop their vocabulary through drama. The workshops for children will start on Saturday, 3rd October.

The participants of workshops will receive coupons in return for their contribution, after they complete to register for a workshop. Then, if they wish, they will be allowed to use those coupons for other workshops in the forthcoming weeks, too. Only for the language courses, the participants are expected to make prepayment.

For registration and further information please contact by phone on +35722445740 or +905488345740 or email – [email protected]

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