Hackers attempt to access Interior Ministry’s computers

World famous computer hacker group ‘Anonymous’ have posted a new video on You Tube.

In the video, they threatened to sabotage the presidential elections being held today in South Cyprus. They say that these elections are a farce and promise to stop this silly game.

The video points out that the group attacked 72 official Greek Cypriot websites during the first inconclusive elections. They say that this time the action will be more powerful.

The president of the Election board,  Andreas Assiotis, has told the press that there were computer attacks on the Ministry of the Interior website, both yesterday afternoon and today. However these attacks were defeated because of security measures undertaken.

Voting in South Cyprus started at 7am with a one hour break at mid-day. Mr Assiotis announced that voting would stop at 6pm, with preliminary results due at 7pm and final results at 8pm.

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