Halt gas explorations on both sides: Olgun

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun has called for the suspension of gas exploration offshore Cyprus until a settlement in the Cyprus negotiation has been reached.

He said that both sides should halt explorations in order to pave the way for a restart to the talks he told Reuters.

“We will hopefully look forward to finding an arrangement during which both sides will refrain from continuing activities in the sea, get to the negotiating table and find a way to deal with the hydrocarbons issue,” Ergün said.

He went on to accuse the Greek Cypriot side of using gas exploration as “a pretext to maintain the status quo in Cyprus.”

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Özdil Nami has said the Turkish Cypriot side was hoping for better relations with the Greek Cypriot side after the Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza) won the Greek elections on 25th January.

He said that he hoped the new government would help the Greek people. Greece had been focused on its own internal problems for years, he said, meaning it had failed to help decease tension in Cyprus.

“We hope that Greece will encourage the Greek [Cypriot] leader that left the negotiation table, considering the positive impact that a comprehensive and fair solution to the Cypriot problem will have on Turkish-Greek relations,” the minister told Anadolu Agency yesterday.

Source Hurriyet

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