Hammond’s visit to Cyprus beneficial: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci on Thursday, met with the British Foreign Secretary Phil Hammond who is visiting the island.

Making a short statement after the meeting, Phil Hammond said he was very pleased to meet with Akinci once again. He said that they had discussed all aspects of the current negotiations and that he was convinced that solid progress is being made on the political dimensions of the settlement.

Hammond said that Akinci and Anastasiades clearly have a good working relationship and are working through the challenges. “There are some very big issues remaining about property rights, about territorial boundaries and security guarantees. I think we are getting to the crucial point of these discussions now where the two leaders have to come forward with bold and initiative solutions to these big remaining challenges”, Hammond said.

“What I have been able to say to Akinci as I said to Anastasiades this morning is that the international community and I can certainly speak for the United Kingdom and I’m sure also more widely, is that they are right behind these discussions. We want a solution to be found and we will do whatever we can to support that solution. That means providing technical assistance to the discussions and in due course it will mean the international community finding some money to support the inevitable costs of a solution to the long running property related issues”, said the British Foreign Secretary.

“I’m confident these talks will continue and accelerate over the coming weeks, there are lots of my international colleagues arriving the Chinese Foreign Minister is coming to the island, the Russian Foreign Minister, the US Secretary of State. There is real momentum now from the international community to support these talks and we will keep very closely in contact with both sides of this discussion and whatever we as the UK can do we will do”, said Hammond concluding his statement.

On his part, Akinci stated that he had informed the British Foreign Secretary about the developments in Cyprus and the Cyprus negotiations process.

Explaining that there will be further visits in the future, Akinci said that the international interest shown towards the Cyprus negotiations process is important.

He said that if a positive outcome is reached at the talks, the people on the island will make the Cyprus problem workable and liveable.

Akinci also said that he believed that foreign support is important and his meeting with the British Foreign Secretary on Thursday had been very beneficial.


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