Hardliners up in arms over Sean Paul’s TRNC gig

A group calling itself the European Solidarity Front for Cyprus (ESFC) has strongly condemned rapper Sean Paul’s upcoming live performance in the TRNC in July.

North Cyprus News - Sean Paul-gigs“We can’t confirm whether the Jamaican singer is aware of the island’s situation, as was the case in the past with fellow celebrity Jennifer Lopez,” a statement from ESFC said.

“By performing in the occupied part of Cyprus, Sean Paul will in fact be recognising this pseudo-entity, granting it status and legitimising Turkish atrocities,” it added.

The group calls on the singer and his management to consider the ramifications of his presence and to strongly reconsider the planned performance.

They also ask the government to make an effort in getting the message across that Cyprus is still under illegal occupation. “The human rights of Cypriots are being infringed upon since 1974 while celebrity artists have no knowledge of these facts,” the statement said.

Despite opposition, Sean Paul last performed in the TRNC in 2010 (Ed).

Cyprus Mail

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