Head of European Parliament Snubs Turkish Cypriots

Presidential Spokesman Barış Burcu has issued a statement criticising the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, who will be meeting with officials in South Cyprus today but who will not be crossing over to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to meet with Turkish Cypriot officials.

Burcu said that Tajani’s actions were not fitting for the post he held.

Mr. Tajani should not forget that the Turkish Cypriots are one of the two equal communities on the island who have as much as say as Greek Cypriots in this geography”, he said.

Tajani who is in South Cyprus as guest of the Speaker of the Greek Cypriot House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris met earlier today with the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades and addressed the Greek Cypriot House of Representatives.

Stating that Tajani had chosen to ignore the Turkish Cypriots, the Presidential Spokesman pointed out that two of the six seats allocated for Turkish Cypriots in the European Parliament were being occupied by Greek Cypriots.

The President of the European Parliament must comprehend this fact and should work towards rectifying this situation”, he said.

Burcu also stated that the President of the European Parliament should not refrain or hold back from holding contacts with Turkish Cypriots.

He reminded that his predecessor Martin Schulz had received President Mustafa Akıncı in his office.

Mr. Schulz, during his term as President, had met under the roof of the European Parliament. As this is the case, the fact that Mr. Tajani has refrained from holding contacts with Turkish Cypriots during his first visit to the island is not appropriate behaviour for the post he holds”, Burcu added.


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