Head of Efkav Agrees Varosha be Given Back to Former Owners

Following the UN Security Council announcing that Varosha/Maraş could be opened for settlement by its legal owners, the General Director of the Cyprus Vakıflar Administration Ibrahim Benter said that the Vakıflar (Evkaf) has existed in Cyprus for nearly 500 years. The fenced-off town of Maraş has belonged to the Vakıflar for 500 years, he said.

Prior to the British coming to the island and prior to the establishment of the United Nations and prior to the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, the Evkaf foundation existed. All these lands belong to the Vakıflar”, said Benter.

He said therefore they support the announcement made by the UN Security Council regarding Varosha/Maraş.

Its legitimate owner is the Evkaf. These properties should be given to the Evkaf and should be opened to use under the control of the Vakıflar in the service of the people. This is a decision we approve of”, said Benter.



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