Head of Farmers Union speaks out against Government

The head of the TRNC Farmers Union, Alican Kabakci has today attended a press conference to speak out against the current government.

Mr Kabakci says that his union members will get their own back in the voting booths. He feels that the government compensation payments in the last 5 years have been laughable and added that agriculture has declined under this government and that farmers are in dire straits.

Mr Kabakci then gave some examples to demonstrate that costs of production had gone up 100% while compensation awards had actually gone down.

He says that 1 litre of diesel has gone up from TL 1.70 to TL 3.

Field rentals have gone up from TL 10 per donum to TL 20 per donum while a 50 kilo bag of fertiliser has risen from TL 35 to TL 63.

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