Head of Tourist Agencies Assoc Slams Air Fare Hikes

Air ticket prices have become exorbitant, the head of the Cyprus Turkish Tourism and Travel Agencies Association (KIBSAB), Erkan Kilim has said. Blaming the increase in prices on the depreciation on the Turkish lira was not acceptable, he said.

President Kilim said, “It is not acceptable to raise the price of tickets by raising [the issue of] foreign currency.” He added that “Airline companies need to increase the number of flights”.

Both the agencies and the people are in a difficult situation in the face of increased air fares. Kilim said that they should call on the airlines companies to increase the flight numbers instead of increasing the ticket prices.

He also warned travellers that they should not buy flight tickets from the internet or abroad from agencies that are not members of KIBSAB. It is not possible to remedy any grievances if they are become victims of non-KIBSAB member travel agencies or those who participate in airline tickets and organised tours via the internet, he added.

Noting that raising isssue of the value of the Turkish Lira is not acceptable, Kilim said, “The increase in air ticket prices affects tourism agencies as well as the public in a negative way and leaves them in a difficult situation. Airline companies should raise their flight numbers instead of raising prices,” he said.

Kilim also addressed government officials and those who will be in power after the general election to be held in January 2018, saying that the tourism sector needs to be given the necessary support.

Kibris Postasi

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