Heads roll at UBP

The management of the UBP met yesterday and then announced a shock result.

In a brief statement they said that they had sacked Sunat Atun MP for Famagusta and Faiz Sucuoglu MP for Nicosia.

There was no reason given for these dismissals from the party and it is widely claimed that they are the handiwork of Mr Kucuk, the current party leader.

Reacting to his dismissal, Mr Atun said that he had not managed to attend the meeting yesterday because his mother had been taken ill to hospital. He felt that Mr Kucuk had taken advantage of his absence to dismiss him.

Mr Atun pointed out that within the UBP party he had gained the most votes in the recent elections. He said that the same voters had shunned Mr Kucuk and that he had no trust in his party leader.

Mr Sucuoglu said that he had learned of his dismissal from his party by phone last night and that he was not given a reason. He still could not understand what had happened.

Rumours are circulating that Mr Kucuk is reshaping the party to his own advantage before he lets go of power at the UBP’s party convention in October.

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