Health And Aid Resources Stretched as Quake Victims Arrive

Ro-Ro Ferry
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Thursday, 16 February 2023

Turkish Ferry companies say that passenger rates have increased by 50 percent since the two catastrophic earthquakes which occurred ten days ago in southern Turkey, Yeniduzen reports.

The number of earthquake victims arriving in North Cyprus is not known, however a number of municipalities and aid organisations say that there has been an increasing rate of people applying for aid such as food and clothing.

Yeniduzen writes that following the disastrous earthquakes, survivors who lost their homes and had no shelter and limited access to food and healthcare, began arriving in North Cyprus to stay with relatives.

Turkish authorities say 35,418 people died in the earthquakes which affected 10 provinces in Turkey.

Meanwhile, many victims lost their identity cards or passports in the rubble and have been issued with documents, however, no record is being kept as to numbers entering the country.

Food Aid Claims Increased

Kyrenia municipality stated that 400 people had applied for food and clothing aid in the last five days. This number is increasing, officials say.

Earthquake victims who were injured but could not receive the necessary health care in Turkey, have arrived in North Cyprus by ferry or by air and have been treated at the nearest healthcare centre.

Health workers in Kyrenia and Nicosia say that those arriving by ferry went to Kyrenia State Hospital asking for treatment. Some of whom were transferred to Nicosia State Hospital. These statements have not been officially confirmed.

Chronically ill patients have been asking for dialysis, adding to the existing burden on state resources of staff, medicines and equipment.

Head of the Dialysis Department at Nicosia State Hospital, Ülfet  Kral, said that more than 11 kidney patients had begun receiving treatment in Nicosia, Kyrenia and Güzelyurt.

He said that hospitals are struggling to cope with extra demand from earthquake victims because of a shortage of staff, drugs and medical equipment.


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