Health Rules Regarding Entry Into TRNC Revised

North Cyprus News - PCR TestConsidering the decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases in the UK, it is anticipated that flights from Britain to the island may begin on July 16. People coming to the island from the UK on July 16 will be able to enter by showing a negative PCR test certificate taken at least three to five days before departure. At ports, a second PCR test will be made and they will be quarantined for seven days. At the end of the quarantine period, they will take a third test prior to leaving quarantine.

This follows the decision of the Highly Contagious Diseases Committee.

In a statement made by the committee, it was noted that when crossing to the south, employees, students and people who are having medical treatment there, can proceed on condition that they have PCR tests every 15 days.

It is stated that this rule is valid on the condition that they have not left the island in the last 14 days. It was emphasized that the rules covering the category of country they visited will be applied to those who leave the island from the South or the North in the last 14 days.

It was also stated that the control and application of this ruling will apply until 21 July 2020.

It has been reported that all citizens residing in Pile are able to make a permanent transition from Pile or to Pile to the north provided that they show a one-off negative COVID-19 test results at their first crossing.

Outside this group, it has been announced that TRNC citizens who have crossed to South Cyprus and people from South Cyprus who have been on the island for the last 14 days only need one PCR test once and can continue their departure. It was announced that randomized PCR tests will be performed on these individuals.

Other decisions were listed as follows:

Visitors from countries in category A will be able to enter North Cyprus without quarantine provided they have a negative PCR test certificate taken within 72 hours of travel. However, passengers who fail to submit PCR results must have PCR tests carried out by the TRNC Health Ministry  and must remain in quarantine until the results are known. Passengers must pay for the cost of testing and quarantine.

People from countries in category B will be able to enter the country by showing the negative PCR test results they had taken 72-120 hours before entering the TRNC. These people will take a second PCR test at the port of entry, and until they get results, those with hotel reservations must self-isolate at the hotel, and those who have a residence must self-isolate at home.

People arriving from Category C countries must have a negative PCR test taken between 72-120 hours before arrival. They will be given a second PCR test when entering the country and will be quarantined at a quarantine center determined by the Ministry of Health for 14 days.

TRNC citizens who want to enter the TRNC through South Cyprus and foreign nationals, who have to have to take a PCR test during entry into the country according to the current legislation, will only be able to cross through the Metehan or Beyarmudu border checkpoints.

Under the Communicable Diseases Law, the most severe sanctions will be imposed on those who do not comply with the decisions taken to protect public health. 

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