Armed robbers receive heavy sentences

Three men, convicted of armed robbery were sentenced to a total of 22 years imprisonment yesterday.

Yasar Yaman, Ismet Sahin and Yusuf Bayraktar broke into the home of Linda Woods and Steven Graver On October 5th last year. They tied their victims up at gunpoint and burgled the house.

Yesterday, at Kyrenia Criminal Court they received their sentences.

As a first offender, Yasar Yaman received 4 years while Sahin and Bayraktar got 9 years each, as they had previous similar convictions.

Judge Bahar Saner said that in deciding on the length of the sentences, he had taken all factors into account including early confessions from the robbers. He said that this was a planned robbery, with a getaway car hired and plastic handcuffs purchased.

A camera, £120 in cash and credit cards were stolen. Using passwords obtained, a further TL 2,300 and 300 euros were taken.

Guns and bullets used in the robbery were illegally purchased in South Cyprus

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