Hellim issue should be solved in next few months

Chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry Ali Cirali has said that the registration of hellim/halloumi as a protected designation of origin product (PDO) continues.

Describing the latest stage of the process in the EU in an interview on BRT, Cirali said that after submission of the application, the inspection process regarding the registration has been completed. “What is important for us is the issue of the inspection of the producers in the North. Our officials at all levels held contacts with the EU and pointed out the need for the establishment of an independent organisation for the inspection of the producers in the North, an organisation which will not come under the government in South Cyprus. We have conveyed the position that we will accept the establishment of this kind of organisation. The opinion we received on this matter, is that the EU is preparing a formula to encompass our demands”, Cirali stated.

He explained that the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in South Cyprus, will be the responsible authority for the producers in the South and added that the EU is of the opinion that until an agreement is found in the North, a separate independent authority should be created.

Cirali added further the following: “We are talking about a mechanism which will be approved by both, the Turkish and the Greek Cypriot sides. I consider that it will not take long and I estimate that we will finally reach a result in the forthcoming months”.


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