Hellim production should remain under TRNC control: Eroglu

President Dervis Eroglu has written to the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker expressing his concerns about the efforts of South Cyprus to label halloumi/ hellim as a product with Protected Designation of Origin.

Eroglu stated in his letter that many problems would arise for Turkish Cypriot hellim producers should the European Commission accepted the application, and that this will further increase the isolation “already felt on the North”.

He said that halloumi is a common product in Cyprus and that the file submitted by South Cyprus discriminates against the Turkish Cypriot halloumi producers who will suffer great financial damage. He also called for “justice and impartiality” by the Commission and asked that the Commission take into consideration the special conditions in the island on the issue, so that no political issues will arise because of this development.

Finally, Eroglu stated that designating halloumi/ hellim as a product with Protected Designation of Origin offers potential for cooperation between the two sides in Cyprus. He added however, that production standards of hellim in North Cyprus should be controlled by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce.

Source Bakis

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