High Court reverses IPC decision on Varosha compensation claims

A decision taken by the TRNC Supreme Administrative Court is likely to pave the way for about 500 Greek Cypriots to make claims from the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) for property in Varosha/Maras.

In a lawsuit filed by Michaelides Bros. Company in 2012, the court ruled a decision made by the IPC as “null and void” to include the EVKAF religious foundation as a “concerned party” in the case, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports.

The decision of the court says, inter alia, the following: “It has been ruled that the decision which included the EVKAF Organisation and the Religious Affairs Department as ‘party concerned’ in the application and/or the procedures held according to this decision are completely void and/or ineffective.”

According to the paper, the decision will create a precedent for many cases to be re-opened and the properties in the fenced off city of Varosha will not be considered as “EVKAF properties” from now on, “until it is proved that they belong to EVKAF”. This means that the Greek Cypriot applications could proceed, resulting in decisions to return, compensate and exchange property.


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