High Rate of Illegal Mainland Workers in TRNC

There are approximately 104,000 people employed in the private sector in the TRNC and more than 40% of these come from Turkey, Minister of Labour and Social Insurance Zeki Celer has said.

Speaking to Antalya News Agency during his visit to Ankara, Celer noted that those who want to work in the TRNC should obtain a work permit. “They come and work with a tourist visa. We cannot intervene after a work accident, nor we can help them”, he warned. He added that people in Turkey should be further informed in order to prevent this kind of “casual employment because almost one in ten workers that we have is unregistered, that is, 10-14 thousands out of 104 thousands”, he said.

Celer added that he would discuss the issue of legal employment with the Turkish Minister of Labour Julide Sennaroglu and that he would also be meeting wth Fatma Kaya, Turkish Minister of Family and Social Security Affairs.


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