Hike In Fuel And Bottled Gas Prices Imminent

North Cyprus News - Gas BottlesPrice increases for fuel and domestic bottled gas are waiting for approval by the Council of Ministers, BRT reported.

The Undersecretary for the Ministry of Economy and Energy Şahap Aşıkoğlu, met with Ministry of Finance officials yesterday and announced that they had decided the fuel and bottled gas price increases and sent them to the Council of Ministers for approval.

Aşıkoğlu said that there would be around 1 TL hike on fuel and that the procedure regarding approval of the decision to increase the bottled gas price to 140 TL was continuing.

Last week there was a shortage of fuel at the pumps because fuel wholesalers were demanding a rise in prices and withheld supplies.

Meanwhile, bottled gas is not being sold by the supermarkets at the moment, because stocks have dwindled in anticipation of a hike in prices.


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