History books need a re-write as a CBM

The road that any Cypriot peace negotiator must walk through is not just a “winding uphill one” but also full of mines, the most important one of which is the acute confidence crisis between the two peoples, so writes Turkish Cypriot journalist Yusuf Kanli in Turkish daily ‘Hurriyet’ on Monday.

He asks how did the crisis of confidence come about and how it was allowed to reach current levels, thus haunting every prospect of reconciliation, when it cannot be even discussed in today’s Cyprus diplomacy format as “we should not live in the past.

Is it feasible that can anyone successfully move forward by turning a blind eye to what happened recently in the history of the island, he asks. Greek Cypriots cannot forget the trauma they suffered in the 1974 Turkish intervention that most Turkish Cypriots consider “a peace operation” that saved them from being exterminated by Greek Cypriots. On the other hand, Turkish Cypriots cannot forget and forgive the immense trauma they suffered from the black Christmas of 1963, when Greek Cypriot hordes, supported by Athens as well as the Greek Cypriot members of the Archbishop Makarios government, intermittently attacked Turks throughout the island until the 1974 Turkish intervention. How could they forget their expulsion at gun point from the joint government in 1964?

Kanli points out that the Greek Cypriot side has often promised to re-write history text books and remove hate speech against the Turks, but has never done so.

Mindful of the recent attack on Turkish Cypriots in Nicosia, Kanli comments that perhaps now Anastasiades should prove his sincerity in demanding peace by taking the initiative in this area, thereby contributing to confidence building in Cyprus. He asks, “Can he demonstrate his commitment to build a common future with Turkish Cypriots by eradicating hate speech and enmity in text books?”

For full article see – Hurriyet

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