Hit and run driver pleads guilty

Following the report on the case of Phan Van Bay, a Vietnamese man who was severely injured after a car crashed into him in Haspolat outside Nicosia, two days later police had arrested Mehmet Erdogan, who had sped away from the scene.

Police had identified Mr Erdogan from security camera footage. Yesterday, Mr Erdogan appeared at Nicosia Criminal Court. Police gave a statement outlining the facts around the accident and capture. They also testified that Mr Erdogan (42) had pleaded guilty.

It was established that Mr Bay had suffered serious injuries with cracks in his skull and spine. Mr Erdogan gave a statement where he said that he felt a bump and noticed that his rear view mirror was broken. He stopped his car and looked around but could not see anything in the dark, so he drove on.

Judge Rasit ordered that he be kept in custody for three days while police conclude their investigations.

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