Hope for guarantors’ meeting at UN

A five party meeting between the guarantor powers, Turkey, Greece and the UK might take place, if sufficient progress in the Cyprus negotiations is made.

Spokesman for President Akinci, Baris Burcu, said that President Akinci will attend the 70th session of the UN General Assembly at the end of September.

Speaking to ‘Kibris Gazetesi’, Burcu noted that: “It was our target and hope to come to a stage in the negotiations process at which a five-party summit could be held during this visit. Even though this hope and target of ours are difficult, we remain hopeful. The developments during the forthcoming one month process and the distance to be covered will show whether this is possible. Now it seems difficult, but it is not impossible”.

Burcu said that Akinci aims at holding contacts at the highest possible level in New York, as on every other visit abroad. He noted that preparations for Akinci’s contacts are continuing and when the contacts are clarified, detailed information will be given on them.

The paper writes that Akinci is expected to meet with the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

Recalling that President Anastasiades will be visiting New York in the same period, Burcu said: “Various comments are being made in the public opinion saying that some contacts will be held separately and some will be held jointly. This issue has not been clarified yet. Both leaders may hold their contacts separately. If it is considered to be necessary and there is a possibility, the environment for meetings together will be secured. This is all that can be said at this stage”.

Referring to the possibility of a social meeting between the leaders, Burcu pointed out that this could be held when the programmes [of the leaders] are known.

As regards the possibility of Akinci holding contacts in Washington as well, Burcu said: “The USA is an important and powerful state of the world. In case opportunity is created at this stage, we want to visit Washington as well. However, it should not be forgotten that the period of the president’s visit to New York, coincides with the session of the UN General Assembly. Therefore, the USA, with the capacity of the host, will be having intensive contacts at all levels. We do not know yet whether they will give us that opportunity”.

Kibris Gazetesi

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