Hope Orchestra at Bellapais Abbey May 4th

The Hope Orchestra will be giving a concert at Bellapais Abbey on Friday Saturday 4th May.

Raziye Kocaismail, the Founder of Tulips gives some background on its formation:

The Hope Orchestra was founded by some members of the Tulips/Help those with Cancer charity. These members, who had experienced cancer, founded the Hope Group which consists of musicians from Universities – teachers and students, musicians who work in Government offices and also musicians from the Army band. They all came together with the idea of creating an orchestra with the aim of helping others.

Some of the musicians are un-employed, others are busy with work and family but never say “we don’t have the time” and never ask for or say they need any expenses for petrol or anything else.

The Hope Group became The Hope Group Orchestra but the truth is that they have become  the Orchestra of Humanity, says Raziye.

Concert at  Bellapais Abbey on 4 May by The Hope Orchestra, under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports.  All proceeds will be donated to The Hope Education and Culture Centre. 

Tickets are 15TL and are available at both Best Sellers Book Stores, Tulips Stall on Saturdays at Chateau Lambousa and by calling 0533 870 1838.

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