Hopes for successful tobacco harvest in Karpaz

Tobacco plants are, once again, being planted in Karpaz. After a hiatus of twelve years, seedlings have been planted in the hope of a growing a sustainable crop.

The Karpas Cooperative Tobacco Sale Company has been operating in the area since 1976, producing 50 to 60 tonnes of tobacco annually. However, since 2004, there has been no market for the crop. An attempt to grow tobacco two years ago failed.

A representative of the Cooperative told the media that Syria had been their main competitor, but the civil war which had caused a lack of production, had led to a gap in the market.

Seedlings imported from Turkey will grow into an aromatic plant for pipe tobacco. The plant should be more resilient, as it is suitable for growing in drier regions.

The villagers have completed planting which normally takes place in February. They hope to harvest the tobacco in June.

A successful harvest will bring a profit in a few short months, bringing a much needed economic boost to the region.

Cyprus Weekly

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