Hotel Staff Generously Donate to SOS Children’s Village

The Lord’s Palace hotel staff have donated 10,150 TL to SOS Children’s Village Association.

A cheque was handed to Refika İnce, National Director of SOS Children’s Villages, during a visit headed by Director of Marketing and Communications for Lord’s Palace, Melisa Demir.

North Cyprus News - SOS receives chequeThe SOS Children’s Village issued a written statement thanking all the Lord’s Palace team for the donation. The statement read that donations like this help to provide all children who receive care and support from the association, with their needs such as education, healthcare, social activities, food and clothing.

In order to enhance the future for those children; advocacy, preventive work, areas of direct service and different programmes and expertise are given. The organisation is providing advocacy for children’s rights while the other side was carrying out preventive activities for the children not to lose family care.

In addition to this, it is emphasised that the children who lost family care are carefully directed careful with the guidance of the Social Services Office when deemed necessary, and that every donation made is important in terms of raising general awareness and raising social awareness of society.

Kibris News Agency

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