House of Lords addressed on embargoes

The Chairman of British Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, Dr Muhammet Yasarata, addressed the House of Lords on Wednesday.

He was invited to speak to the representatives of all parties, by the leader of the House of Lords, Lord Sharkey (pictured centre) and Baroness Hussein Ece (last on rhs), who is of Turkish Cypriot origin.

Dr Yasarata (2nd from right), spoke about the Turkish Cypriot experience of living under imposed isolation and of the need for direct flights and direct trade. He added that all countries willing to trade with North Cyprus would benefit from the lifting of the embargoes.

He said that he had exchanged views on permitting direct flights to North Cyprus and on paving the way for direct trade. Dr Yasarata predicted that: “Very important developments will happen soon”.

Source Halkin Sesi

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