How do relations between Russia-Turkey affect the TRNC?

The icy relations between Turkey and Russia have affected Russians who want to visit the TRNC as tourists or invest in the country, because the current climate makes them feel uncomfortable, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports. It adds that Russians regard the TRNC as Turkish soil and are reluctant to visit at the moment.

Nevertheless, according to the paper, around 9,500 Russians who live and work in the North are content to remain and give no heed to their families back in Russia who want them to return home.

The majority of the Russians who live in the TRNC are involved in tourism or the property sector and have said that North Cyprus is an important centre for both investments and tourism. They also called on Russians to visit the TRNC as tourists or to make investments.

In addition, the Russian Ambassador to Cyprus has said that he considers the northern part of Cyprus to be a safe haven, the newspaper claims.


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