10 tips for a Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2013!

If you’d like 2013 to be even happier than 2012 then keep reading… as we share 10 top daily habits that will make you happier.


1. Begin each day with high expectations

It’s amazing the difference a positive attitude makes.  If you start the day expecting good things then it’s much more likely to live up to your expectation.

2. Take a moment to plan and prioritise

The biggest stress factor is the feeling that you’ve got too much to do. Instead of madly multi-tasking (or doing nothing, like a rabbit caught in the headlights) pick just one thing, which if you get done today will bring you closer to your top priority and purpose in life – and do this thing first.

3. Quality time with the important people in your life

Its easy to let distractions get in the way of relationships. Every day spend some time giving family or friends your full attention, really listen to them, watch their facial expressions, understand how they’re feeling. If they’re not close by then take the time to call or write to them. Many people on their death bed say they wish they’d spent more time with loved ones, don’t let that be you.

4. Be generous with everyone you meet

This isn’t about giving cash. Be generous with words of encouragement, or thanks, or a smile.  Giving someone a true compliment makes both of you happier.

5. Let go of anxiety

Anxiety comes from focusing on things outside of your control, and fear and anxiety are big enemies of happiness. Once you’ve weighed everything up and made a decision or taken action then there’s nothing else you can do, so let the worry go rather than remaining afraid of what might happen.

6. Enjoy your food

Sometimes we eat just to sustain us, without really thinking about the food, but at least once a day eat something really tasty like a fresh juicy orange or a fine chocolate, and take the time to enjoy it: focus on it, taste it, savour it.

7. Spend some time outdoors

Whether it’s sunny or raining it’s good for the soul to be outside for some time everyday. Exercise all your senses, feel the warm sun on your body, or enjoy the refreshing breeze on your face. Listen to the sounds of nature and focus on the colours in the sky, trees and other natural things around you.

8. Exercise

This doesn’t mean you need to head down to the gym every day, but do be active. Even a walk in the garden or dancing in your kitchen will make a difference to your state of mind. Physical activity has many benefits, including improving the quality of your sleep, reducing your stress levels and improving your mental health.

9. Assume people have good intentions

Other people’s actions can sometimes seem strange and you may question their motives, but assuming evil intentions just brings extra misery. It’s much better to assume their motives are good as this minimises conflict and gives you positive energy to resolve any issues.

10. End each day with gratitude

When you go to bed, think about at least one wonderful thing that happened that day. It might be something as small as a making a child laugh or as big as a wedding proposal. Whatever it is, be grateful for that day because it will never come again.

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