HSBC Pegasus credit card confusion

Pegasus and HSBC jointly issued a credit card for use in the TRNC which allows customers who make purchases with the card to use points gained against flight tickets with Pegasus.

However customers recently attempting to use the card at travel agents found that they were invalid. In addition some customers have found that their cards are rejected when they make any sort of purchase.

It appears that Pegasus have recently cancelled their agreement with HSBC and started up a new scheme with Peoples Bank. HSBC claim that they have sent out notifications via email or SMS but many clients say they have not received any notification.

HSBC issued this statement:

“Our agreement with Pegasus Airlines in relation to the Pegasus card was terminated on February 26th and the cards were invalid from March 20th. We have communicated this to our customers via many different means and have also issued them with new replacement credit cards.”

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