Human chain formed across Lokmaci crossing

Activists for the Unite Cyprus Now initiative formed a human chain between Ledra Avenue and the Lokmaci crossing at 11 am on Saturday.

Around 150 people carried banners demanding a solution to the Cyprus problem and reunification without any further delay. They sung Turkish and Greek songs.

We want a solution, we want peace”, the people chanted.

A statement issued by the initiative read “this symbolic action reflects the significant progress on the Cyprus issue achieved in recent years, we urge both leaders to unite Cyprus now, without delay”.

We want a solution, we want peace, we want the reunification of the island, and we will not compromise on it, and we will not be at ease as it is. We are the children of the generation who never lived in peace in this country. We are parents of children who deserve better days. We, Cypriots who believed that the current situation is a shame,” it said.

Some of the people who formed the chain had to deal with the intervention of Turkish Cypriot police officers who insisted they cross the border by going through the formal process.


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