Human remains unearthed in Minarelikoy

Exhumations have begun in Minarelikoy (Neo Chorio) village in the Nicosia district, where it is believed that six Greek Cypriots, who have been missing since the Turkish rescue mission in 1974, are buried.

Murat Soysal a deputy of the TRNC side of the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) said that the remains of unknown people were found in the village while construction work was taking place in the area.

He said that DNA tests would be performed and when identified, the remains would be returned to relatives.

Six Greek Cypriots were missing from the village but due to a lack of eyewitness accounts their remains were not found until excavation work accidentally unearthed human remains.

A representative of the Greek Cypriot side of the CMP Theofilos Theofilou was informed.

Mr Soysal has called for anyone who can give an eyewitness account to come forward.

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