Hunters suspected of causing fire outbreak

Fire, which broke out on Sunday between Büyükkonuk-Yedikonuk, destroyed a total area of 35 dönüms of land including pine, olive, carob trees and maquis vegetation.

A second fire broke out at the Koruçam dump. Both fires were brought under control before causing further damage.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu has called on the public to be more aware and guard against the threat of forest fires.

In a statement to BRT, Minister Ataoğlu reminded that the forests were a country’s natural wealth and that everything must be done to ensure their preservation.

Pointing out that the two separate fires had unfortunately broken out yesterday; Ataoğlu said that the fires had been put out with the combined forces of the fire fighters, the civil defence organisation and volunteers.

He added that although the causes of the fires were unknown, hunters were suspected to be involved.


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