Hunting season begins in earnest

The’ large game’ hunting season starts this Sunday (28th October). Nicosia Council Offices will be open on Saturday morning, despite it being Bayram, to allow licenses to be issued.

A spokesman from the Council stated that there were some 13,000 registered hunters of which around 6,000 had so far renewed their licenses. It is anticipated that there will be a surge of late applicants though the numbers may be reduced as the deadline falls at the month end, when personal funds are typically low.  At present there are 34,000 registered firearms in North Cyprus.

The hunting season runs from end October until end February and hunting is only permitted on Sundays, allowing for 11 hunting days this season.  Hunters are issued with a list of permitted game. This list is under regular review, based on population numbers, but typically includes rabbit, quail, crow, magpie, pheasant, black partridge and snipe. It is specifically forbidden to hunt any animal not on the list, especially birds of prey.

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