Hydrocarbon finds have complicated the Cyprus issue: Eroglu

President Eroglu, in an opening speech at a Symposium on Neo-Liberalism, organised by the University of Lekfe on Wednesday, said he believed that such studies carried out by TRNC universities could make valuable contributions locally and to the wider world.

In reference to hydrocarbon resources around the island, the President said that the discovery of these resources had added to the difficulties of solving the Cyprus problem rather than being a catalyst for a solution.

“Five years ago, there was no such matter in the Cyprus problem. However the way of sharing the resources has become an issue of discussion and this is becoming more complicated with the intervention of many other countries”, Eroglu noted.

He also said that the increasing geo-political importance of Cyprus, was causing more problems.

Eroglu added that the Turkish Cypriots are pacifist, he repeated that the Turkish Cypriot side is in favour of a solution to the Cyprus problem which would be based on the realities on the island.

The President said that he believes that the Cyprus problem remains unresolved because Greek Cypriot interests are aligned with the interests of some EU and UN member countries. He added that the TRNC is not to blame for the failure to resume negotiations.

Eroglu went on to say that the time has come for the Turkish Cypriots to become part of the world and no one should prevent the integration of Turkish Cypriot youth with the rest of the world.

“We want a bi-zonal federation which will be based on political equality of the two founding states. We also want the continuation of Turkey’s active and effective guarantees in Cyprus”, Eroglu concluded.

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