Hydrocarbons issue could be a blessing not a curse: Olgun

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergun Olgun was in Manchester last week, to address to a conference at the Jean Monnet Centre.

At the conference, Olgun spoke about the Turkish Cypriot vision about the Cyprus talks and what should be done in order for the negotiations to be concluded successfully.

According to a presidential press release, Olgun talked about the obstacles in the process, how these obstacles can be overcome, how the current window of opportunity can be used correctly and what kind of catalysts can contribute to the process.

Noting that the conference was quite productive, Olgun said: “Our desire is that when we return to Cyprus, to be engaged in a positive way in the process by using the ideas that we gained here to build a healthy process, which will result in a win-win outcome for both sides and to share this with the UN”.

With regard to the hydrocarbons issue, Olgun said that they should find a way to act with mutual understanding and that unilateral initiatives should be avoided. He added that the transformation of the hydrocarbons issue from a curse to an opportunity for Cyprus, will contribute to the development of both the Turkish and Greek Cypriot economies.

He added that should the Greek Cypriot side return to the negotiating table with a new perspective, the Cyprus problem could be solved soon.

Following the Manchester conference, Olgun left for to Brussels to deliver a speech at the European Policy Centre.

Source Demokrat Bakis

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