Hydrocarbons have upgraded Cyprus’ geostrategic value: Anastasiades

President Anastasiades has said that his government would not make any distinction between Turkey and other buyers if Turkey is interested in becoming a customer for natural gas if a solution to the Cyprus problem is reached. However, it cannot be viewed as a strategic partner in any way.

He added that the topic of natural gas could not be discussed at the Cyprus negotiations.

Anastasiades said that Turkey’s co-operation with to efforts to solve the Cyprus problem would ease the path toward its access to natural gas and would also be of benefit to the Turkish Cypriot community.

The president emphasised that natural gas in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone belonged to the Republic of Cyprus and that the Turkish Cypriots would have their share if and when the Cyprus problem was solved.

He also noted that Cyprus’ geostrategic role had become increasingly important, that Europe needed a second source of natural gas and that route passed through Cyprus.

He concluded that the importance of discoveries of hydrocarbons off-shore South Cyprus which now was reflected by the increased geostrategic status of the country, given its excellent relations with Israel and the Arab states, as a full member of the EU, could contribute to peace in the region.

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