I Did Not Sign: Says Bozat

BES union leader, Savas Bozat announced yesterday that though he had met with Prime Minister Kucuk, he had not signed the protocol. He also said that the verbal agreement with Nicosia Council was in a “wait and see” phase.

Bozat says that if the government has agreed to give the council TL 6 million to help resolve the dispute, that is their affair and there is no reason for him to sign such an agreement.

He continued by saying that any attempt to reduce council worker wages would not be allowed and that the government should not be looking to get this money back from the workers.

Bozat concluded by saying that he is pessimistic about the outcome and reminded the press that Prime Minister Kucuk had said that if this issue was not resolved by January 29th, then the council management and mayor would be removed and replaced through an election.

Under the protocol, there is a deadline set of January 29th for Nicosia Council to reach agreement with Ziraat bank on the terms for borrowing TL 90 million.

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