Ideas Afoot to Develop Marine Tourism

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu has said that he is looking to develop ideas for alternative forms of tourism. He has been meeting with people to develop the possibility of marine tourism in the TRNC.

The minister is in Antalya to participate in the Hestourex World Health, Sports and Alternative Tourism Congress and Fair.

He emphasised the importance of offering a variety of choice in the tourism field and said “if we are able to bring marine tourism to our country this will create new tourism alternatives in the country”.

The minister said that he has begun meetings and that the process has begun but that he will refrain from making any further statements until everything has been settled.

After completing his statement Minister Ataoğlu took an underwater tour to examine other ideas for marine tourism.

Minister Ataoğlu visited the TRNC Antalya Consulate General office and also the TRNC Antalya Tourism and Promotion Office and the Antalya Journalists Association.

Making a statement during his visit to the Antalya Journalists Association, Minister Ataoğlu said that this year they aimed to increase the number of tourists visiting the TRNC to 2 million, that’s 300 thousand more tourists from last year.

Explaining that they had begun working on the initiative of organising luxury boat tours running between Antalya-Alanya-Cyprus, Minister Ataoğlu said that these tours will begin prior to the summer season this year.

We have received many proposals for the project and after our discussions yesterday we received proposals for a luxury boat with a capacity for 400 people that could do the tour in a shorter period of time. We will continue our discussions and hopefully the tours will begin in a month or so”, said Ataoğlu.

The head of the Antalya Journalists Association Mevlüt Yeni for his part said that they wanted to build a media bridge between the TRNC and Antalya.


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