Identity Card Fees Increased

North Cyprus News - Kimlik cards

Saturday, 20 August, 2022 

The cost of identity cards (Kimlik) have been increased, BRT reported.

First time purchase of ID cards for those aged 11 and above has been increased from 140 TL to 224 TL. 

Renewal of identity cards for normal reasons, marriage, separation, change of surname, address or profession will now be 224 TL.

Replacing lost ID cards range from between 456 TL to 1152 TL , depending on how many times they have been lost.

Cards for children under the age of 11 will be 19 TL.

The renewal fee for the first time due to wear and tear has increased from 140 TL to 224 TL; second time renewal fee from 210 TL to 336 TL; For the third time, the renewal fee increased from 365 TL to 548 TL.

For lost identity cards, the first time loss fee is from 285 TL to 456 TL; loss fee for the second time from 440 TL to 704 TL; For the third time, the loss fee increased from 580 TL to 928 TL and for the fourth time the loss fee increased from 720 TL to 1,152 TL.

The fee to be paid in case of requesting the correction of a mistake/s made by the applicant for an ID card, excluding any errors arising from the relevant department, has increased from 70 TL to 112 TL.

The increase in fees was published in the Official Gazette.


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